10 things you may not know about the World Corrugated Awards 2021

As the highest achievement of corrugated industry globally, the World Corrugated Awards 2021 is dedicated to acknowledging and rewarding the pioneering design, marketing, management and society responsibility case of the year to identify the teams and individuals who have made prominent contributions to the development of global corrugated industry.


How much do you really know about the awards? Here are 10 things that may surprise you.


No.1 The most highly esteemed corrugated awards

Rooted in the corrugated industry for more than 20 years of experience, Reed Exhibitions trusted the World Corrugated Awards will give us an opportunity to reflect and recognize the unprecedented achievements of all those who continue to ensure the industry moves forward and meets growing demands.

It is even more important to continue to recognize the outstanding work of our industry at the uniquely challenging time due to it’s a valuable memory and reminder that all of us can’t tell development and bright future alone.


No.2 Global nominations

In our quest to identify and reward excellence, we invite those brands and individuals that are pushing the boundaries of industry excellence to participate in nomination.

There is no restriction on the number of submissions, no restriction on the number of applications, no restriction on the number of categories.


Only two steps,

1.    Visit wca.sino-corruagted.com and fill out the nomination form under “Submit Entry”.

2.    Contact Reed Exhibitions by sending your nomination and description of each case (including graphics, pictures, if available) to ivy.huang@reedexpo.com.cn


No.3 Authoritative Associations endorsement

Strongly backed by the world’s most influential industry associations and world-leading end user brands such as JD.COM, SF EXPRESS, Pepsi, Philips, etc, The World Corrugated Awards 2019 gained the unprecedented success.

This year, the World Corrugated Awards 2021, an international awards of corrugated industry, is going into the second edition. We are proud that the World Corrugated Awards 2021 are strongly supported by the most influential global industry associations and world-leading end user brands in the corrugated and packaging sector. Their endorsement will undoubtedly push the awards to a more authoritative direction in future.



No.4 Transparent voting mechanism

The First Round of Voting (Middle of May to End of May)

1.    Online voters of the public and executives working within the corrugated and packaging industry, have until middle of May to choose the first round of Semi-finallist via online voting process.

2.    At the same time, voting the Top 3 of each category will be shortlisted and evaluated again by all judges from around the world in the form of a point rating system.

3.    The full namelist for online voting can be announced and viewed in omni-channels at the end of May.


The Second Round of Voting (Show Days)

Followed by online voting, the Top 3 cases with most of the votes in each category will receive the second onsite voting alongside SinoCorrugated 2021 on July 14th 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) at Shanghai, China.


No.5 Strict selection criteria

The selection criteria of Online Voting (Middle of May to End of May)

1.    All of experts and practitioners are welcome to join online voting.

2.    Industrial influencers invited to the jury panel will participate in procedure as well.

3.    The voting proportion of all members from public channel or jury panel respectively accounts for 50%, and the final TOP 3 semi-finalists in each categories will be obtained through comprehensive statistical results.


The selection criteria of Onsite Voting (Show Days)

1.    The WCA Gallery, which will be displayed during show days, will be open to all on-site visitors and judge committee members.

2.    The voting proportion of all onsite public voters accounts for 40%, the proposition of judge committee members account for 60%.

3.    The winners in each categories will be obtained through comprehensive statistical results and join the gala ceremony on July 16th 2021.


No.6 High-ranking judge committee members

The Awards will attract judges worldwide, showcasing the professional evaluation standards representing various perspectives. The strict 2-tier judging process for the Awards ensures that all entries are carefully scrutinised for their technical standards as well as their creative caliber.


No.7 GPMA promotion

The Global Packaging Media Alliance (GPMA), initiated by Reed Exhibitions and promoted by SinoCorrugated invites global media outlet to become a VIP member.

GPMA will focus on all aspects of related industry, including but not limited to qualified services, advanced technologies, leading products, latest industry news, academic knowledge, innovative ideas as well as other business opportunities.

So far, we have gained support from GPMA cooperative media worldwide to ensure the exposure of awards, including 17 Asian media, 5 Middle East and African media, and 9 European and American media.


No.8 WCA Gallery

WCA Gallery brings together all finalists' works, which are presented in the exquisite booths of SinoCorrugated for onsite voting from all public visitors and judge committee members.

We will design and provide an entity evaluation form to voters so as if it’s convenient to record all votes and scores publicly.


No.9 Hybrid style awards ceremony

The winners will be unveiled at the red-carpet gala ceremony on July 16th 2021, with the industrial elites in attendance. We are committed to reducing the challenge of reality. This year will represent something new in terms of running the ceremony combining online and offline format to connect with a more global audience than ever before.


No.10 Feast of industry leaders

The World Corrugated Awards 2021 offers a unique opportunity to meet other top-tier leaders from the corrugated and packaging industry. Considered as one of the most prestigious accolades in industry, the World Corrugated Awards are awarded purely on the quality of the value proposition to the project.

In fabulous surroundings, finalists, winners, judges, association leaders, brand owners, suppliers and media from across the world will celebrate being part of a feast that represents excellence in global markets. This is undoubtedly a grand feast of the year.



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