Award Categories

    Innovation Category

  • Design Innovation Award

    With the innovation in the transportation and sales methods, the design of carton and paper case is becoming more and more diverse. A large number of outstanding cases of carton-type design has mushroomed in the carton industry, behind which lies the professional wisdom and hard work of many packaging design engineers. In order to encourage designers throughout the carton packaging industry to continue to present better ideas in the carton structure innovation, the committee of the World Corrugated Awards has set up this award to reward enterprises, teams or individuals who have made outstanding contributions in this area.

    What the judges are looking for?

    ★Offer carton-type design scheme
    ★Patent registration documents (the sponsor can provide patent application and protection channels)
    ★Application cases

    What are the judging criteria?

    ★Score of the design concept of the carton-type.
    ★Score of the innovation degree of the carton-type.
    ★Score of the suitability and popularity of the carton-type.
    ★Score of the production process complexity of the carton-type.
    ★Score of the cost affordability of the carton-type.

  • Material Innovation Award

    With the development of material technology, paper materials can change some material properties through technological means to meet the operating requirements of special functions and complex shaping requirements. Innovations in the performance of paper packaging materials not only maintain the basic characteristics of paper materials, but also compensate for their performance deficiencies to a large extent. This award is established to recognize the professional R&D teams and individuals who are committed to the innovation and breakthrough in material development of the paper and carton industries.

    What the judges are looking for?

    ★Provide original paper sample
    ★Patent registration documents (the sponsor can provide patent application and protection channels)
    ★Application cases

    What are the judging criteria?

    ★Score of the specificity and innovation of this material.
    ★Score of the market application prospect of this material.
    ★Score of the cost effectiveness of this material.
    ★Score of the contribution value to environmental protection and society by this material.

  • Application Innovation Award

    Marketing, as an important tool for product circulation in the market, is an indispensable part for enterprises to improve sales performance. And the essence of marketing lies in creating value for consumers and addressing pain points for the industry in a targeted manner. In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection among consumers around the world, paper packaging products have been widely applied to all walks of life for their special environmental property, thus replacing some plastic, metal and glass packaging forms. This award is set up to recognize teams that have made breakthroughs in carton marketing as their innovation achievements have further opened up the application market and offered more opportunities for paper packaging industry.

    What the judges are looking for?

    ★Provide real cases of carton marketing
    ★Highlight description and marketing plan

    What are the judging criteria?

    ★Score of the case innovation degree.
    ★Score of communication effect of the marketing casein its application.
    ★Score of how this marketing case enhances user experience of packaging.
    ★Score of universality and feasibility of this application case in other fields.
    ★Score of market value of this application case.

    Corporate Management Category

  • New Factory Planning Award (Carton factories and equipment factories)

    With the continuous expansion of the enterprises’ scale and assets, investing in equipment and building new factory workshops is the best choice to further expand production capacity and increase market share. In recent years, myriad powerful and affluent companies have chosen to invest and establish factories in different countries. How to maximize the revenue of new factories in the shortest time and create added value of the brand is a question that every enterprise’s management team needs to carefully consider. From the strategic positioning of the new factories, management planning, workshop siting selection, equipment procurement, HR input to production plan, every step must be taken with caution and foresight. The award is set up to recognize the management teams of carton factories that have achieved huge success in investment and factory establishment planning over the past three years.

    What the judges are looking for?

    ★Provide a brief introduction to the advantages of new factory planning cases
    ★Provide the most eye-catching points in new factory planning cases
    ★Provide the most difficult construction points in planning cases

    What are the judging criteria?

    ★The establishment time of new factories, the scale of development, and the status quo of the operation? How to balance the relationship among production capacity, efficiency and cost?
    ★What impact does the establishment of a new factory have on enterprise brands? What role does it play on the operation and management strategy of enterprises?
    ★What decisions does the management team of enterprises make in terms of siting of a new factory workshop, equipment procurement, HR input, and production plans? What thoughts are behind these decisions? Are they fully realized?
    ★What are the vison and plans of the managers for the future development of the new factory?

  • New-Generation Professional Manager Award

    According to data statistics, more than 90% of the world's carton enterprises are family businesses. Taking China as an example, from the reform and opening-up to 1992, and to now, China's first generation of private enterprises have grown and developed for two or three decades. Most of the private entrepreneurs of this generation were born in the 1950s and 1960s. Up to now, the majority of them are about 60 years old, which is the age of retirement according to traditional Chinese culture. Chinese carton family enterprises collectively usher a wave of succession. The award for the second generation is set up to recognize the second generation with outstanding performances in this wave. How they utilize what they have learned, live up to expectations, take over the mission and renew the splendor on the foundation of their fathers.

    What the judges are looking for?

    ★The post-85 successors of carton factories;
    ★Briefly describe the education background and succession stories of the second generation;
    ★During the succession period, what are the outstanding performances? Take examples from the aspects of business operation and management, cost control, investment planning, brand promotion, product innovation, etc.

    What are the judging criteria?

    ★Directly vote according to career stories.

    Social Value Category

  • Environment-friendly and Intensive Production Contribution Award

    In recent years, with the social and industrial development, environmental problems are aggravating. The way of developing the economy at the expense of the environment has overburdened the environment. Therefore, the call for environmental protection is increasing, and various countries have also introduced extremely strict environmental protection policies. Under the mega-trend of energy conservation, recycling and low emissions, environmental-friendly and intensive production is the due obligation and the major responsibility of enterprises to achieve sustainable development and realize social value. The Environmental Protection and Intensive Production Contribution Award is set up to recognize the carton enterprises with outstanding performances in environmental protection.

    What the judges are looking for?

    ★Provide effective and authentic cases of factories practicing in environmental-friendly and intensive production
    ★What are the participating teams in the operation of these strategies?
    ★What are the effects of these inputs? How to evaluate these effects.

    What are the judging criteria?

    ★Score of innovation
    ★Score of operability
    ★Score of enterprises’ economic results
    ★Score of contribution to environmental protection

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