Innovation: Best Application Innovation Award



Region: Germany



Case Introduction:

TwinBox helps to increase recycled fiber content in the packaging and therewith results in a better environmental footprint.

•It eliminates the wasteful use of plastic tape or glue -> using self-closing designs for the tray bottom and the hood top.

•The pre-glued one-piece solution facilitates stock keeping of packing material, internal logistics (only one item needs to be delivered to the pack station).

•It has very good runability in the automation process and offers options for manual and automatic closure processes after filling



Innovation: Best Application Innovation Award


Winner: Zhihuijia Langfang Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd

CaseCommunist Symbol

Region: China


Case Introduction:

This symbol is to commemorate the history of CCP. It’s exhibition will remind people about the truth that the New China won’t be established without CCP. We shall always remember our duty, recall the martyrs, and always insist the leadership of CCP. This symbol is for table exhibition. 








Innovation: Best Design Innovation Award



CaseThe quarter pallet eco-display systemRegion: Germany


Case Introduction:

• Products are visible with the top label

• A ready-made transport system with a pallet guide at the top and bottom

• Ability to transport 4 displays per pallet - even in mixed assortments

• Quick assembly without tools: being taken off the pallet by hand, unfolded

   and placed by the sales staff

• A maximum of 15KG per display

• Excellent printability for optimal brand and product presentation

• Single material packaging 100% recyclable



Innovation: Best Design Innovation Award


Winner: Jianzhen Cloud Computing Co., Ltd

CaseJianZhen Green Packaging

Region: China



JianZhen Green Packaging. Achieving all packaging with zero tape, zero pollution, no need to seal packaging with tape, with Chinese mortise and tenon construction, one tap to lock, 100% green.

JianZhen Green Packaging Application Scenarios:
1. Eliminating 470 years of white pollution from tape, no hidden tape, no plastic buckles on the packaging.

2. Cost saving, no additional cost and a further 10% reduction in cost over comparable packaging.




Innovation: Best Material Innovation Award


CaseComposite Single-Corrugated Paper Box

Region: China


Case Introduction:

The four-layer composite single-corrugated cardboard is made of 4 sheets of paper or cardboard bonded together , including face paper, lining paper (both 440g/m 2) and corrugated paper (140g/m 2+140g/ m 2) .The corrugated paper is a composite corrugated paper, which is composedof two pieces of corrugated paper compounded by a polyvinyl acetate adhesive. From the outside, it is not significantly different from ordinary single corrugated paper. Finally, it is processed into a carton.


Innovation: Best Material Innovation Award


Winner: Siam Cement Group (SCG)

CaseCherish Hamper & Splendid Hamper

Region: Thailand


Case Introduction:

Product Highlight

-  An alternative hamper design which provide more environmental-friendly choice to the end user. All parts can be recycled in conventional process.

-  The Handle is made from paper band waste and manually woven by the local community around the plant's neighborhood. Encouraging employment of the locals as CSR project.

-The package can transform into a compact yet practical workstation to encourage a good working environment that followed ergonomic design.

-Each part of the hamper can be reuse. For instance, the mini container inside the hamper could be used as storage containers, attached bow is a cloth pouch.





Social Value: Humanism Practice Award



CaseCorrugated Paper Bed

Region: Thailand



Case Introduction:

In the severe epidemic, there were more peoples get COVID-19 infections in Samutsakorn Province, an urban area located in South of Bangkok. The local government agency decided to set up some temporary field hospitals to take care and quarantine infected suspicious people in January but the number of beds were not enough.

With strongly commit to social responsibility toward customers, employees and stakeholders, Union Carton Industry Co.,Ltd (U.C.I) got immediate request from The Thai Corrugated Packaging Association (TCPA) in 1st week of January and sped up to produce 200 sets of corrugated paper beds to response such situations in the 4th week of January 2021.


Environment-friendly & Intensive Production Contribution Award

Winner: Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation

CasePMPGC autonomously implemented carbon neutral for 13 consecutive yearsRegion: China



Case Introduction:

Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation (PMPGC) is the pioneer in packaging manufacturer to autonomously achieve carbon neutral and created the first carbon neutral trade in China based on the voluntary emission reduction mechanism (VER). In addition, PMPGC is not only the first packaging manufacturer to autonomously achieve carbon neutral in China, but also the only packaging group in China that has autonomously implemented carbon neutral for 13 consecutive years.

In the past 13 years, 366,000 tons of carbon emissions have been neutralized by PMPGC, which is equivalent to planting 20,446,927 Haloxylon trees on the earth, or an increase of 40,893.9 acres of forest.Note: Every 17.9kg reduction in carbon emissions is equivalent to planting one Haloxylon tree (data source: Alipay-Ant Forest)




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